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Diversified chiropractic adjusting, Activator adjusting, Acupuncture,
Massage Therapy, Mechanical Traction, Light/Phototherapy,
Ultrasound, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Nutrition Counseling,
Exercise Counseling

About Us

At Chiropractors of St. Anthony / Northeast, Dr. Scott Salita and staff are committed to helping as many people as possible to achieve optimum health without the use of drugs or surgery. We view your health as the number one priority and work with other medical practitioners to ensure you receive the best possible care for your health. We are able to help detect, diagnose and treating the cause of problems in such areas as NECK, UPPER AND MIDDLE BACK, LOW BACK, SHOULDERS, ELBOWS, WRISTS, HIPS, KNEES, ANKLES, AND FEET.


A personal proactive and preventative WELLNESS plan can be created to help you and your family or your business reach the maximum potential for health. Dr. Salita can help create a personalized wellness program for you or your business.

Dr. Salita and his staff are dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives and overall health.

Patients can be assured they are receiving the most modern, up-to-date techniques to facilitate their overall health objectives.

Dr. Salita is proud to be recognized by his peers as a Top Chiropractors 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 in Minnesota Monthly Magazine.


Monday, Wednesday: 8:30-12:00, 2:00-6:00
Thursday: 12:00-5:00
Friday : 8:30-1:00

Phone: 612.781.1725

Dr. Scott Salita

Dr. Salita is the clinical director of Chiropractors of St. Anthony / Northeast. He received his B.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2002 from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Bloomington, Minnesota. (Now called Northwestern Health Sciences University) In addition, he is a certified acupuncturist. Dr. Salita is recognized by his peers and named one of Minnesota Monthly Magazine's Top Chiropractors in 2014 and Minnesota Monthly Magazine's Best Chiropractors in 2015, 2016, 2017. He has treated many collegiate and elite athletes, including Olympic trainees, semi-pro football players, and University of Minnesota athletes as well as many musicians including local performers and national performers such as the Blue Man Group™. Dr. Salita is also an accomplished educator, having taught anatomy and physiology at the Minneapolis School of Massage and Bodywork and an examiner for the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE) part IV testing. Dr. Salita is also an accomplished and sought after lecturer to schools, groups, companies and business throughout the community, such as Medica. Dr. Salita was appointed by the Governor to the Minnesota Board of Chiropractic Examiners in the summer of 2015 to serve a four year term, regulating the profession to emphasize public safety. He is the District 2 voting delegate representing Minnesota for the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards (FCLB.) He also served on the board as a Director of the St. Anthony Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Salita also works as an adjunct faculty, at Northwestern Health Sciences University / Northwestern College of Chiropractic, mentoring chiropractic interns as part of their education. He is a member of the Minnesota Chiropractic Association, served on the Legislative Committee, and lobbied for the chiropractic profession as a Key Doctor. His focus is on helping people achieve a lifetime of vibrant health and he is tireless in pursuit of that goal. Dr. Salita enjoys working with people and educating his patients focusing on the creation of relationships that nurture people and allow them the best opportunity for health and healing.

Our Team

Shelley Office Manager & Chiropractic Assistant

Liz Anderson-Beneke Massage therapist


Dr. Salita is a provider for private insurance companies, (such as BCBS, Medica, Health Partners) and worker's compensation and auto accident insurances offer benefits that may cover care received in our office. We strongly suggest you check with your own insurance company to understand what your policy offers for chiropractic care but we also can help assist you in determining your insurance benefits.

It is the policy of the clinic for our patients to pay for their care at the time it is rendered.

We also accept Visa®, Master Card®, Discover®, and American Express®

Our Services

At Chiropractors of St. Anthony we offer the following services:

Diversified adjusting

Activator adjusting


Massage Therapy

Mechanical Traction



Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Nutrition & Exercise Counseling


Corporate Wellness

New Patients

What to Expect

1. For your initial visit to our clinic, you should plan to spend about an hour with the doctor. We request that you arrive 15 minutes before your schedule appointment to fill out some brief paperwork.

2. Following your completion of the intake forms, you will have a private consultation with the doctor, where he can discuss what brings you into the clinic, your health history, and what your goals are for treatment and recovery.

3. Following this discussion, the doctor will conduct a physical examination to evaluate your area of complaint, thereby evaluating your posture, range of motion, and baseline neurological health.

4. If the doctor determines your condition or area of concern is appropriate for chiropractic treatment, he may initiate care at this first visit. In some cases, further examination or evaluation of your condition may be warranted before we begin care. In these situations , if indicated, an outside referral for X-rays or other medical professionals or further testing will be scheduled.


We look forward to your appointment. In order to be efficient with time, we have made available the necessary intake forms you need for your appointment. By printing these and filling them out as completely and thoroughly as possible prior to your appointment, less time is needed when you arrive. If you would like to fill out a new patient intake form and Chiropractors of St. Anthony form prior to arriving to the clinic, print this form and any other form that applies to your condition in addition to those previously listed. (example: a new patient who has neck pain and headaches, should print both the headache and neck forms) Complete these forms at home and bring them along with you to your first appointment.

*If you are coming in for a massage please fill out the massage form, new patient intake and Chiropractors of St. Anthony Form.

New Patient Forms (2) (download pdf here)
Massage form (download pdf here)
Lower Back Pain (download pdf here)
Neck Pain (download pdf here)
Headache Pain (download pdf here)
Extremity Pain (download pdf here)